Education and Training

IMAT funding opportunities in technology development are intended to support the inception, maturation, and subsequent dissemination of technically innovative and potentially transformative emerging technologies. These opportunities exist in parallel with various educational and training programs aimed at the recruitment, retention, and promotion of a diverse pool of talent in areas of innovative and applied emerging technologies. Commensurate with its mission and commitment to diversity, IMAT supports the training of individuals in cross-cutting, research-enabling disciplines through a variety of mechanisms aimed at transitioning students and early-career scientists to scientific independence.

Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research

Qualified IMAT investigators who possess an interest in recruiting, training, and educating a diverse workforce to improve the quality of the educational and training environment and to provide opportunities to pre-doctoral students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to train in areas of emerging technology may apply for the following research project grant supplement:

K22 Transition Development Award to Promote Diversity

It is expected that trainees supported under the above supplement will eventually be encouraged to transition to a post-doctoral K22 individual award to promote independence in biomedical or cancer-relevant research. The unique feature of this award is that the individuals may apply without a sponsoring institution while they are still in a mentored position within the IMAT Program:

T-32 Institutional Training Award

Institutions having multiple investigators funded through the IMAT Program and having the capability or interest in recruiting, attracting, and retaining a talented and diverse research workforce may apply to the following institutional award: