Funding Opportunities

The NCI IMAT Program has a multitude of funding opportunities to advance next-generation technologies in cancer research through targeted innovation.

Select the links below to learn more about the types of IMAT Program funding, mechanisms of support, technology development areas, education and training opportunities, and more.

  • Funding Overview – Learn about the types of funding available from the IMAT Program and the process for obtaining funding.
  • Mechanisms of SupportIMAT uses the R21 and R33 mechanisms to fund high-risk, high-innovation technology platforms and approaches.
  • Technology Development Theme Areas – The IMAT Program consists of related themes that together comprise the IMAT technology development pipeline, under which specific technologies are solicited.
  • Areas of Targeted Need – The IMAT Program continues to identify and incorporate areas of particular technological need within the realm of cancer research.
  • Education and TrainingIMAT supports the training of individuals in cross-cutting, research-enabling disciplines through a variety of mechanisms aimed at transitioning students and early-career scientists to scientific independence.
  • Beyond IMAT: Extended Funding Opportunities –The IMAT Program has established strategic collaborations and partnerships with academia, industry, and other offices and initiatives within the federal government to further promote the advancement of innovative and transformative technologies.