Pointers for the new NIH application format

NIH has restructured the application instructions and forms beginning on January 2010. These guidelines apply to all IMAT Funding Opportunities for 2010. As described on http://enhancing-peer-review.nih.gov/page_limits.html, the one page "specific aims" section is separate from the "research strategy" (6 pages for R21s, 12 pages for R33s). For all IMAT R21's, please briefly describe the proposed quantitative milestones in the specific aims section and justify the milestone within the research strategy section. Quantitative milestones describe a technical goal for a specific aim. For example, if your technology is proposed to be more specific than the current state-of-the-science, then the quantitative milestone would reflect that goal - as well as a technical plan for developing the technology in pursuit of that milestone.

As a reminder, please keep in mind that IMAT only supports the development of a technology and does not support traditional hypothesis-based projects. Hypothesis-based projects are those whose aims are focused on answering a biological/clinical question, rather than applying science in the development of a technology.

As an additional note, if you downloaded an application package prior to January 21, 2009 - please discard that copy and download a newly updated version. The newer version should include the PHS 398 Modular Budget form.