Development of Innovative Cancer Diagnostic Devices

In direct response to Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot, Atlanta-based Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) and T3 Labs are collaborating with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to accelerate development of innovative cancer diagnostic devices from the lab to the marketplace.  This collaboration seeks to maximize the value of taxpayer investments through a cost-effective platform for designing, engineering, and testing diagnostic technologies. These technologies may ensure that the right therapies are selected for the right patients efficiently and effectively. The NCI program responsible for catalyzing such technologies – the NCI Innovative Molecular Analysis Technology (IMAT) program – provides over $10 million each year to highly innovative technologies, where at least 10-15 are relevant to this effort. These projects often take 10 years or more to progress from the exploratory stage to becoming available to patients, and most do not make it to that point due to overwhelming commercialization or clinical validation costs (often up to $100 million per technology). To overcome these barriers, GCMI puts these nascent technologies through a development pathway that will position them for follow-on investment to enable commercialization and make them readily available for patients. Of the dozens of relevant technologies NCI has invested in over the last 5 years, GCMI will work with NCI to select at least 5 for rigorous evaluation and launch through the development pathway. The collaboration is an example of a public-private partnership encouraged through the Cancer Moonshot and is expected to double the speed in which novel cancer diagnostics move from bench to bedside in the next 5 years.