Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. introduces IMAT-supported INLIGHT™ Glycan Tagging Kit

The INLIGHT™ glycan tagging kit developed by the David Muddiman Group in collaboration with synthetic chemist Daniel Comins at the North Carolina State University with IMAT support, represents the latest in glycan labeling technology for the relative quantification of N-linked glycans by mass spectrometry and a valuable tool in the emergent field of glycomics. The INLIGHT™ (Individuality Normalization when Labeling with Isotopic Glycan Hydrazide Tags) strategy utilizes the novel hydrazide, 2-(4-phenethylphenyl)acetohydrazide, in Light (natural 12C) and Heavy (13C6) labeled forms to readily derivatize N-linked glycans for analysis by mass spectrometry.

The Cambridge Isotope Labs INLIGHT™ glycan tagging kit provides Light and Heavy hydrazide reagents and maltoheptaose with detailed instructions on the tagging reaction. The INLIGHT™ glycan tagging kit includes a detailed protocol for N-linked glycan release, purification, tagging, and LC-MS analysis of Fetuin and RNase B glycoproteins, accompanied by comprehensive data sets. In addition, the INLIGHT™ glycan tagging kit can be applied to complex N-linked glycome samples. Contact the CIL Proteomics Product Manager for a detailed protocol exemplifying the INLIGHT™ quantification of N-linked glycomes derived from plasma.