Individual Technologies and Platforms

IMAT funding opportunities support the development of tools that enable an in-depth examination of cancer and identification of individual molecular and cellular characteristics related to the progression and prognosis of cancer. Such tools will help identify factors that influence an individual's risk of developing cancer and their ability to respond to treatment. These technologies ultimately will accelerate the prospect of more personalized forms of treatment and diagnosis for cancer patients.

The IMAT Program has successfully promoted cancer-relevant applications for a diverse spectrum of new and emerging technologies. The program has focused on the inception, development, and dissemination of cancer-related technological platforms, some of which have been used to facilitate basic cancer research, support the discovery pipeline, and uncover the biology of cancer. Yet other IMAT-supported technologies have been applied in a more clinically relevant environment to support clinical discovery and/or decision making.

The following case studies provide specific examples of IMAT's role in product development: